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Weekend trip to Budapest

This past weekend me and a group of seven others traveled to Budapest, Hungary. When I first arrived in Europe I would have never thought of going to this place. However, it seemed like everyone we talked to said it was one of their favorite places. After just spending two full days there I can sure see why! It took almost a full day of riding on a bus to arrive in Budapest, but we wasted no time when we arrived. Right as we were checking into our hostel a big group of people were leaving for a boat ride on the Danube! This was not only a great way to see the city lit up at night but also to meet so many people. I can't believe the amount of people just taking a few months and traveling Europe by themselves. Even after my study abroad experience I don't think I would be able to travel over here alone! After seeing the city lit up and during the day I want to say that it's a better view at night.

Not the greatest picture, it looks better in person I swear.

The next day we were all up bright and early for a free walking tour. I love doing these not only because their free but also because it is a great way to see so many parts of the city that I would otherwise not see. We were able to see many different parts of both the Buda and Pest sides. Yes, it used to be two separate cities.

The Chain Bridge

Jenna and I mid way through our hike up the mountain!

The free tour pretty much concluded our main activities for the day. Later on the group split up and Molly, Jenna and I went to grab a late lunch and explore the main shopping street of Budapest. On the shopping street we saw a guy with a sign for Victoria Secret. Jenna was all about this because she really wanted to see some leggings. When we got to the store it definitely was not Victoria Secret. It seemed more of a second hand Victoria Secret, just felt really weird in there. Also, on our walk around the shopping district we saw a man in full on protective gear taking down a bee's nest. There had to be hundreds of bees flying around too.

Later on that night us three were very tired out and were looking forward to a relaxing night. We wandered around the streets in search of somewhere to eat. We decided on an Italian place which is not surprising for us. It's amazing how fast we lose track of time when we don't have Wi-Fi and we actually talk to each other. Before we knew, it was midnight!

The next morning the whole group headed to the Alice in Wonderland tea shop. This was one of the most fun things we did. The shop had many different rooms with very strange designs and seating. It seemed like a little jungle gym when we were climbing around. They also had around 50 different kinds of tea, it was great!

One of the rooms in the Alice in Wonderland tea shop!

After the tea shop we headed for a big market inside of an old train station. It mostly had souvenirs but it neat to see how they redid the inside. After that, we headed back to the hostel real quick to get our swimming suit for the baths. On the way we ran into a Ruin Bar. These bars are in buildings that were bombed and instead of redoing them, people stuck with the random theme and made a bar.

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