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VintaframeImage1During our previous summer in 2013 we went on a trip to the Ijhallen. The Ijhallen is largest fleemarket in Europe, but it’s only open once a month. The best time to go is during summer, when all the booths are outside and you can enjoy a mini-concert or a bag of french fries while you’re shopping.

So we gathered behind the Central Station of Amsterdam on a Saturday at 10 in the morning. From there we took the free ferries that go to the Ijhallen, once we crossed the IJ canal we arrived in Noord, which is a trendy, industrial northen part of Amsterdam.

Entering the Ijhallen we saw thousands of booths selling just about everything. Antique tableware, cute second hand clothing, furniture, local foods, art, tools. You name it, we’ve seen it!The sellers at the Ijhallen are actually citizens of Amsterdam who just went up in their attic and decided to sell all the stuff they don’t need anymore. But in order to get a good price from them, you have to bargain! And so we did, one of my favourite bargaining phrases was: “If I buy these two, can I get the third one with it for free?”

VintaframeImage2After a while we got a little hungry so we decided it was time for a Dutch snack, french fries with mayonaise. Delicious! We continued for a bit more shopping and when our bags were full and our wallets empty, we decided to hop back on the ferry to the city center of Amsterdam.

We now have a beautiful cold winter in Amsterdam, but I'm already excited for summer 2014! And another trip to the Ijhallen!

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