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Europe, the cradle of art and culture, is the place where both traditional and cutting-edge forms of art and design coexist in a harmonious unity. It is the place where Picasso first changed the face of art, and where contemporary artists and designers such as Damien Hirst continue to change humanity’s visual identity. Furthermore, European cities such as London, Paris and Berlin are amongst the world’s art capitals — places where some of the most ambitious artists and designers exchange their ideas and inspire each other to produce highly imaginative creations.

What is Art & Design?

Traditionally, the term “art” referred to painting, drawing, and sculpture, and this is immediately apparent upon entry to any of Europe’s famous art museums such as the National Gallery in London or the Louvre in Paris. However, nowadays the concept of fine arts has been expanded to include various modern forms of art including photography, film, and performing arts (dance, music, and drama). Nowadays art is so intertwined with the modern world that we can see it on every corner and yet we are unaware of it. We take the dynamics of the world given to us by various artistic forms for granted, without realising how dull the world would be without art.

Although design is usually mentioned in the same context with art, there is one fundamental difference between the two. Essentially, art allows the creator to freely express his/her creative concerns, whereas a designer has to clearly transfer specific information of interest to the viewer. For example, if someone is designing a logo for an IT company, then this logo has to clearly express the objectives of this company. However, given that the world today is much more dynamic than ever before, the distinction between art and design is not so clear, and in many cases designers could call themselves artists. In the contemporary world areas of design include graphic design, fashion and textile design, web design, interior design, and landscape design. Needless to say, “design” is staring at us from various magazine covers, advertisements, web-sites, and even the buildings in which we live.

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