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Best Master's Degrees in Belgium 2014/2015

MasterThe small European country of Belgium is truly an international country. In addition to being host to the EU’s headquarters, it also hosts the headquarters of many other international organizations. With three official languages, exciting museums, beautiful old architecture, important political institutions, and a diverse culture, taking a Masters degree in Belgium is an excellent choice for those seeking a dynamic location for advancing education. Full of technological advancements, Belgium is a modern European country with a newer history in comparison to its neighbors. For the student interested in studying in a diverse location, Belgium is perfect. Dutch, French and German are all the official languages of the Kingdom of Belgium, and students will have the opportunity to live and work amongst people from all parts of the world when they pursue graduate training in this country.

The multilingual, highly-educated, international environment in Belgium is a great place to take your Masters degree. Belgium has several excellent universities for foreign students to consider. The country highly values education, with a high adult literacy rate and a 19th ranking in education from the Program for International Student Assessment. The emphasis on education easily translates into the secondary education level, and students benefit from some of the top professors in Europe while studying in Belgium.

In Belgium, the academic year begins on the first of October and runs through the 30th of September. Most universities divide this year into two semesters, which are broken into 13 weeks of study, two weeks of vacation, one week of individual study and three weeks of examination.

Belgium divides its degrees into three cycles. A Masters degree is considered a second cycle degree. It is available to students who already have a Bachelors degree. Those with extensive professional experience may apply to the Admissions Panel to have that experience validated to serve as the degree. They also must file a request with the school with which they wish to study. Most Masters programs take two years of study, or four semesters, to complete.

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