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Logo of Paris American AcademyParis American Academy:
Paris American Academy is an accredited arts & design school, founded in 1965. We are located less than a kilometer from Notre-Dame Cathedral in the famous Latin Quarter of Paris. We provide intensive summer programs including courses in interior design, fashion, fine arts and creative writing. During the past forty years, students and professions from 35 nationalities have participated in our programs.


Our interior design summer workshop lasts for four weeks. French fluency is not required, as all of the courses will be taught in English. A "survival French" course is offered as part of the program, and it is specifically tailored to the person who wishes to know enough French to profit from a short stay in Paris.

4-week Interior Design Summer Workshop:
The intensive Interior Design Summer Workshop provides all participants with hands-on studio participation in Interior Design and Design Techniques while preparing for an end of program presentation of works accomplished.

Interior Design:
This course presents a practical and “hands-on” approach to the interior design profession. The course introduces the student to space planning, furnishings, color development, and materials selection. Lectures with slide, video and Power Point presentations are enhanced with visits to Parisian architecture, historical and contemporary sites, furniture, and fabric stores. Individual or special interest designs presented in interior design studio problems and solutions.

Teaching Methods: Lectures, visits, practical workshop classes with intensive, individual attention. Personal and group critiques.

Design Techniques:
This compact course deals with representational techniques including technical drawing, one-and two-point perspectives, rendering the elements of interior spaces, as a tool for the graphic representation of interior spaces. This course teaches students to personalize their own methodology by experiencing different techniques of visualization and 3D models. Through the Product Design students utilize presentation techniques with maquettes / scale models. A good designer should not only have new ideas but also be able to represent them in the most appropriate way.

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