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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 416th June ’14
Duration:14 weeks (8 weeks of lectures at 6.15pm to 9.30pm one night a week, 6 weeks to complete assignment)
Price: €595 plus €50 examination fee payable on submission of assignment at end of course.

For students not resident in Dublin and or living outside Ireland we are offering a distance learning programme and will be broadcasting the lectures live over the Internet. All you need is a PC with webcam and speakers and tune in (Irish time) for the lectures online.

Digital Marketing 2Learning Objectives:

  1. To ensure candidates have a working knowledge of all the elements of digital marketing and online communication which can easily be put into practice within the professional arenas of PR, Marketing and Event Management
  2. To provide candidates with the skills to create a digital communications online campaign
  3. To show candidates how to monitor and track its success by using effective analytics and measurement techniques

The objective of the Diploma course in Digital Marketing is to provide practitioners in Marketing, PR, Event Management and other communication sectors with the practical skills to develop, implement, manage and evaluate their online digital strategy.

We are living in the digital era and there has never been a better time to be informed. The new Diploma in Digital Marketing for PR & Marketing includes all the tools of online communications and digital marketing to maximise your PR experience and qualifications.

Whether you want to increase your experience and scope, understand the buzz words and learn how to turn them into marketing strategies, or you want to understand how to determine the success and failures of your digital campaigns, the bottom line is you need to be informed about digital marketing and its many tools.Gaining an understanding of what online digital communication is and how to handle a successful digital media campaign will bring recognition and rewards to you and your company.This dynamic qualification will provide you with knowledge underpinning the principles of digital media and skills to undertake digital marketing planning within your role in Public Relations.

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