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Distance learning masters

There is a growing number of distance learning masters programmes available. With distance learning masters, rather then communication face to face, instructors and students communicate using a variety of educational media and modes of communication and teaching. Via flexible, modular class offerings, students can progress at their own pace. Distance postgraduate learning Masters programmes have a longer duration than their full-time equivalents - typically between two and five years instead of one year. Some distance-learning courses require a combination of online and physical communication, where students attend residential sessions.

With master's distance learning, it's not simply a case of getting a master's degree from your bed! Distance learning master's degrees have their own set of pressures. Your institution will agree with you a timetable of study and deadlines for essays and assignments, with videos, audio tapes and written materials sent regularly by post or available online to give you the raw materials for your distance learning Masters programme. You can keep in contact with your tutor via email or telephone.

3 top tips for success for distance learning master's

  1. To do a distance learning master's degree you need to be self-motivated or a self-starter. Without the structure of full-time study, it will be up to you to ensure that you keep the ball rolling. You'll be given advice and support, but ultimately it is your game.
  2. You must be organised and able to multi-task, to ensure your other commitments (often the reason for distance postgraduate learning) do not impinge on the time you need for study.
  3. You'll need dedication and discipline as a distance postgraduate learning programme can be a long haul. It might be daunting, after a day at work, to have to undertake several hours of study, but this is the only way you will attain your goal of gaining a qualification.

Although this may sound daunting, many distance-learning students go on to successfully complete their courses. Once you get the knack, there will be no stopping you!

What support will you have in your distance learning master's degree?

Your institution will also give you as much student support as you need. By making yourself known to other people on the course (by networking online, giving permission for your name and contact details to be passed on to other students, or by meeting them at summer schools or compulsory course attendance at the institution), you can set up a network of learners, which can also be another source of support, advice and encouragement.

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