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Bemidji State University Takes Its Studies Abroad

Bemidji State University offers multiple study-abroad programs to fit every student’s needs

By Eric Oslund

BSU is offering five different travel abroad programs in the year 2011-2012, according to their website. These trips include Sinosummer (China), Eurospring, plus semester-break trips to Australia, Malaysia, and South Africa.

“If you want to see the world and see England, go on Eurospring, ” said Oxford Prof. Allan Chapman in a recent speech he gave at BSU. Chapman has been the head lecturer for the Eurospring

program since 1977.

Eurospring is a study-abroad program where the students travel all across Europe. The trip begins with spending five weeks on the Oxford campus attending classes taught by Chapman and other Oxford professors. While in Oxford Chapman takes the students on multiple field trips, including one to the famous Stonehenge.

After their stay at Oxford the students go on a three week tour around Europe, previous itineraries have had visits to places including Rome, Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, and many more. Business Administration Assoc. Professor David Smith, Eurospring director for 2012, is excited for the trip this year.

Smith has been on the trip before, but never for its entirety. He joined the group for the tour portion, but has never been on the Oxford portion. “One of my favorite parts was getting to know the students, ” said Smith. “I also liked being in all the places I have seen pictures of all my life.”

As of now Eurospring 2012 has 26 students signed up to go. This means that the cost of the trip will be approximately $7, 500, which does not include tuition or spending money. Since Eurospring is a University program Financial Aid does offer assistance in paying for it. “BSU financial aid covered half of the cost for me, ” said Erin Sundvall, a BSU student who went on Eurospring in 2011. “There were actually a lot more students that got more financial aid than I did.”

Along with Eurospring, Sinosummer is a well-known study-abroad program at BSU. Sinosummer is a trip where students get to experience a different culture traveling across China. The students will be given the opportunity to study at the Liaoning University in Shenyang, along with visiting other major cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, and many more.

Sinosummer is a three and a half week trip that is now in the springtime. With classes getting done in early May students used to have to wait weeks until they left to China in June. For the year 2012 BSU changed the dates to May 9th-June 2nd to try and avoid this problem.

The estimated cost for the 2012 Sinosummer trip is $5, 600, which doesn’t include tuition or spending money, with a minimum number of students being 16. Students interested in going on the trip will need to put down a $150 down payment. Political Science Assoc. Prof. Thomas Beech believes that students interested in any study-abroad program should first talk to financial aid and their family to discuss the money situation.

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