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Interviews with Nursing Majors Who Studied Abroad

Nursing students in Thai hospitalNursing majors: you can AND should study abroad! Check out these student nurses exploring Thailand.

Don't believe the myths - nursing majors CAN (and should!) study abroad during their undergraduate or graduate courses. As global health issues are increasingly challenging societies, there is a greater need for increased communication between nurses from around the world about creative health care solutions.

There is an increasing number of study abroad programs that cater specifically to future nurses. These study abroad opportunities are uniquely tailored for Nursing students who want to live abroad and learn more about health care simultaneously.Caitlin Leahy studied abroad Courses focus on clinicals in host countries, examining cultural, political, and economic forces influencing health care systems, reviewing health disparities, comparative studies of nursing licensure and practice in other countries, and generally getting an outsider's perspective of the health care system in the US.

The good news is, nursing is one of the most secure jobs in terms of future job prospects - if you do take the time off to study abroad and potentially delay graduation for an extra semester, it's highly likely there will still be ample job opportunities for you once you graduate. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that more than one million new nurses will be needed by 2018. In some instances, a study abroad experience may even help you secure a job.

I think that my experience living in Mexico and speaking Spanish may have given me an edge - being open to other cultures can be beneficial for hospitals as well.

Lauren Overstreet studied abroadIt is important to know how spending a semester abroad will impact your rigorous academic schedule. Students are urged to explore their full range of options for study abroad and should begin to consider study abroad during their freshman year. Early planning allows time to investigate possibilities and plan rosters efficiently.

  • While researching programs, students should consider whether or not a program offers coursework that will allow them to progress in their major requirements towards a 4 year completion of degree.
  • Check which semesters are most suitable to take a break from your nursing course schedule. Which semester will be determined by program requirements, the host university's requirements, and personal preference.
  • Summer programs are a good option for students who cannot fully commit to a semester abroad - also a great way of catching up on classes or studying abroad with a program whose courses do not necessarily fulfill any major-related requirements.

Whether you prefer to do a nursing-oriented study abroad program or not, there is likely to be a program out there that your stethoscope would find makes your heart skip a beat - follow that flutter!

What do the nurses have to say? Here are some real life testimonies from nurses who have studied abroad for semesters, summers, or not at all.

Mel Holderread studied abroad Lauren Moberg studied abroad Anna Urish studied abroad Vickie Chambers studied abroad

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