Summer University Europe

International Summer University (ISU) in South East Europe

International Summer University (ISU) in South East Europe, University for Business and Technology, Kosovo

International Summer University (ISU) in SOuth East Europe is an international program which is organized by University for Business and Technology (UBT) Kosovo.

The Summer University consists of a broad variety of courses, taught in English for interested students who will be part of this summer program. ISU welcomes local and international students as well as exchange students. Along with the academic program, we offer accommodation service and a social program for both lecturers and students.


The aim of ISU is to promote collaboration among students from all over Europe by enhancing the practical and obvious part of the international concept through visits, cultural events and gatherings; and to enhance the theory of International Business Management through investigating the current European economic situation and business opportunities and issues in South East Europe in a cross cultural context.

ISU is targeted to students which are eager to gain international business experience in South East Europe and to expand their conceptual, analytical and language skills (English and German). The program of the summer school will be comprised of: morning and afternoon lectures from international leading professors, visits and cultural events in the beautiful Albanian Riviera. The attendance of ISU will be equivalent to 8 ECTS in academic records.

Faculty members:

The summer university is in cooperation with different Partner universities of UBT: Austria, Italy, Germany, England, Kosovo, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia etc.

Transfer connections to the Summer University:
a) Airplane: Nënë Tereza Airport
b) Railway station, and
c) Bus

The venue of this summer school will be at the sea site in Durres, Hotel Bleart, Albania

Admission: The total cost of attending the summer school will be 880, 00 EUR including tuition fee, full pension at Hotel Bleart (the travel expenditures are not included). Financial aid will be provided to outstanding applicants.

Application: The prerequisite for acceptance into the summer school is the enrollment at a university- minimum one year of study completed in the fields of Economy, Business or other related Social sciences. The application procedure requires:

 Submission of registration confirmation at home university (Confirmation, transcript, Valid ID or any other evidence of university proving enrolment)

Important Dates

Deadlines: Application- March 31

Acceptance notification- April 10

Check Also this following link for the detail information

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