Summer programs in Europe for teachers

2014 European Gestalt Therapy Training Program

2014 MARKS THE 43rd YEAR of GATLA’s Summer Residential Gestalt Therapy Training Program. This is probably the oldest annual psychotherapy training program worldwide. The purpose of this program is to provide the highest quality of training available for psychotherapists in Gestalt and Experiential psychotherapy and other relational models of therapy while retaining the flexibility to be adaptable to practitioners of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. All faculty will do clinical demonstrations and all work will be related to theory. Participants in the Clinical Practicum and MasterClass groups work with clients from lower groups in individual therapy under supervision of faculty, Distinguished Gestalt Visitors and/or Group Leaders. Our successful Master Class will continue in 2014 — a group for very experienced Gestalt Therapists. Some changes to the MasterClass this year will include: participants working one session with their individual client in the group with an assigned supervisor while the remaining group members divide into small groups to supervise supervision, discuss client’s process and/or therapist skills.

There are many aspects of GATLA’s Summer Residential Training Program that distinguish it from other training programs in Gestalt Therapy and make it a cutting edge training opportunity as well as a benchmark for Gestalt Therapy Training Programs worldwide:

to be part of the training. These are Gestalt teachers and trainers who have made or are making an important contribution to Gestalt Therapy. These guests will have the opportunity to supervise some trainees, sit in on groups and add their perspectives, give evening presentations and add an unparalleled richness to our community. There will be opportunities to talk, eat, “schmooze” and laugh with these honored guests. In 2014, DGVs will not work as therapist in the groups, but may offer optional opportunities in evening sessions. Our confirmed DGVs are: Jean-Marie Robine, Psy. Dipl. (Institut Francais de Gestalt-therapie, Bordeaux, France), Malcolm Parlett, Ph.D. (Director of Five Abilities Consulting, U.K.), Iris Fodor, Ph.D. (New York University, USA), Alan Cohen, MSW (GAP – NYC, USA), Connie Newman, MA, MA (GAP-NYC, USA).

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Compensations to Victimized Groups

by justyouraveragecitizen

A. Japanese Americans
In 1942, under the authority of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast were ordered to be evacuated, relocated and interned by the U.S. military. Approximately two-thirds of those interned were native-born American citizens. The internment order was issued in direct response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Empire. The research of Professor Peter Irons revealed that the government fraudulently concealed its actual reasons for internment of Japanese-American citizens from the Supreme Court in initial litigation challenging the internment order

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Summer Boarding schools, perferably in the states, canada or in europe!?

Well, ive decided with my parents that i should join a Summer boarding school. Im currently in 8th grade, and going to a public college prep school. But when in the summer i will be counted as a 9th grader. Does anybody have any suggestions for a Summer program, or summer boarding school suggestions?? Also, if they have any activities?? ANYTHING YOU SUGGEST THAT YOU HAVE GONE TOO! and also a mixed boys and girls boarding school.

There are many boarding schools in the US and Canada that offer a summer boarding program. Perhaps the best-known are Exeter, Andover, and Choate, but there are many more.

Go to and do a search of summer programs. Most summer programs have a focus on academics. There are some that focus on sports, writing, languages, etc.

If there is a specific area that interests you, post it. It might help narrow down your choices.

Top (international) boarding schools in Europe?

I'm going to be transferring soon to a boarding school in Europe and I'm deciding on which ones to apply to. Any suggestions?

-Tuition is of no relevance at the moment
-Preferably performing art high school, but doesn't have to be
-International if not in England
-Well known; good school in general

Thank you!

I'd recommend The Seven-Oaks School in England, Aiglon College in Switzerland and Le Rosey in Switzerland. Of all of these I like Le Rosey best. It's super expensive though, you said tuition wasn't an issue but all of these cost around 80.000-90.000 a year. But they are really nice. Le Rosey has two campuses; a winter campus at a luxury ski resort and a summer/fall one in a old chateau near Lake Geneva.

But if you're planning on transferring next fall you better send your application in right now, it might even be too late, especially for English ones, I remember one that…

Where can I find a summer holiday job as a teacher?

I am a teacher, and I am off from July 7th to August 22nd. Does anyone know where I can get a job abroad for those 6 weeks? I'm not bothered necessarily about pay, more about the travelling experience, and I don't want to pay to do it. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Go and work at an american summer camp
Go to Europe and work in a boarding school (either in the boarding house or as a teacher)
Go somewhere where it isn't 'summer break' and do some substitute teaching.

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