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High School Summer Abroad in Germany

Husum, GermanyAre you now studying German in high school, but the classes are weighing you down? Do you want to get a head start on your languages for college and maybe even major/double major in German? Take a summer or semester and study in Germany! Enhance your college application, your essays for scholarships, and gain new experiences while enjoying the lovely sites and adventures in the city of your choosing.

Husum, Germany

  • Language: German
  • Popular Destinations: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria
  • Cost of Living: Cost of living in Germany varies by location. Major cities like Berlin and Munich can be expensive, while life in the countryside is more affordable.
  • Activities: Unlimited Music festivals, Soccer games, museums on every corner.
Fun Facts:
  • There are 150 castles in Germany.
  • Germany was the first country to adopt Daylight Savings Time in 1916.
  • The Guttenberg Bible was the first book printed with movable type.
  • Beer is actually considered a food in Bavaria.

Hamburg, GermanyStudying abroad in Germany is harder than most high school programs due to their school years. Below are some options for working on your language skills, touring, and if you are willing to spend longer time abroad, you'll find options for scholarships and programs.

  • Language Immersion: If you are looking to primarily work on your German speaking skills, language schools are often the best option. Language schools are a great way to interact not only with other Americans, but students of all ages and walks of life from around the world. Many language programs are paired with homestays, so that you can continue to practice your German outside the classroom as well. These programs are great for people who want to improve their German rapidly.
  • Cultural Exploration: These programs introduce you to the literary and artistic history of Germany. Spend time in museums looking at German art, or go to concerts and operas to hear the compositions of famous German musicians. Although they often include a language component, the focus here is really on experiencing all that German culture has to offer.

Hamburg, Germany

Planning your summer abroad does not happen overnight. Make sure you give yourself as much pre-planning time as possible. If you want to do this next summer, you should start investigating your options now and start budgeting! The sooner you get your passport and submit forms with payments, the easier it is to reserve your spot in a program.


Most programs require 2.5 or 3.0 GPAs (on a 4.0 scale), a passport, and sense of adventure. The youngest age in most programs is 14, but double-check the individual programs. If you are there for three months or less, a visa is not needed, but if you are staying over three months, most of the programs help acquire a visa for longer stays in Germany. Above all, you must have a flexible open personality to fully experience another culture.

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Confronting Terrorism and War

by justyouraveragecitizen

Confronting Terrorism and War
Stephen R. Shalom1
THANKFULLY AND ASTONISHINGLY, it now appears that the original death estimates for the World Trade Center attacks were too high; the actual toll may turn out to be in the neighborhood of three thousand rather than six thousand. But such is the enormity of what happened on September 11 that even if the original count is reduced by half, this was an atrocity of horrific proportions.
In terms of immediate deaths, September 11 was the worst terrorist attack ever to take place in peacetime anywhere in the world. It was the most devastating attack ever -- in war or peace -- on the U.S. national homeland. More lives were lost than in such disasters as the sinking of the Titanic or the Johnstown flood or the San Francisco...

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