Music Summer Program Europe

Muslim-Jewish high school musical tours Europe

Four weekly rehearsals bonded the multiethnic group together.

Four weekly rehearsals bonded the multiethnic group together.

Muhammad Abu-Leil says that he “always thought Jews were human like anyone else.” But until the Israeli-Arab high school student participated in two projects with Haifa’s progressive, he never had any Jewish acquaintances.

“I have a lot of friends from Leo Baeck now, ” he tells ISRAEL21c. “I just got together with a few of them last night.”

Muhammad’s first encounter was through the Rotary International-sponsored Friends Forever: World Peace Grown Locally, originally aimed at conflict resolution in Northern Ireland.

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Muslim and Jewish Israelis learned to share the stage and their friendship.“It was so successful in bringing Catholic and Protestant youth together that Rotary decided to see if it could have a similar impact on Muslim and Jewish Israeli youth, ” explains Carol Brauner, Baeck’s immediate past director of international relations. “And last summer, Leo Baeck was invited to participate.”

Muhammad was one of five students from Ein Mahel School near Nazareth who joined five Leo Baeck 11th-graders and an adviser for a two-week retreat at a New Hampshire house. Having no contact with home, the group went on an overnight trek to an Indian reservation, volunteered in a brain trauma unit and in a soup kitchen, and gave talks in pairs in a mosque, a synagogue, a church and a community center. By mutual agreement, they communicated in English.

Back home, the students all wanted to do more, including joint music and sports events. The Baeck participants approached Brauner last July for ideas, and she suggested to CEO Dani Fesler that a performing arts project could be facilitated through Baeck’s 27-member Carmellim choir.

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