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“Google your future”

Do you know where you are going to work after your studies, including job title & company? If so, then doing an exchange is not as beneficial as for someone who doesn’t have a clue yet. There are many motivations that could lead you to think about an exchange. Friends brag about how cool the parties are in Europe, how many good grades you get at some universities or even that they made friends for life or found that life partner. Those stories make one start a thought process and that’s very important. Google your future means that you should start by looking for topics of your interest online. More specifically, look who publishes in that area of expertise.Summer School Poster Where are those people based? Do those institutes or universities offer summer schools or exchange programmes? Are there conferences where they present, which include workshops? For example, I wanted to do an innovation management summer school in London. I found it by chance while I was looking for contact information of a professor. It seemed great. Knowing that there are such workshops, I quickly found more than one seemingly suitable programme by going through Google search with keywords like “summer school”, “academy” “postgraduate workshop”, “economics” and “innovation”.Summer School Poster Doing that research made me understand better what I really wanted to achieve. It was getting out there to rub shoulders with bright minds in my area of interest. However, there are fantastic opportunities listed on the PGIO website. So you don’t have to go through all the trouble of finding a suitable programme by yourself.

“Excel before you Word”

Lunch ... not for the faint-hearted5000 Pounds was the total cost I found for the first supposedly great programme (a summer school in London). Obviously, they don’t put those numbers on the front page of the programme’s website. Nonetheless, I found more (similar) programmes at other institutions and applied for two (Seoul, South Korea and Jena, Germany). After doing more research on costs, I made an Excel spread sheet and made a detailed plan. This made me realise that only Jena would be feasible. They offered their programme for a little contribution of 150 Euros, which included snacks, tea, coffee and a hot meal for the first two weeks. Also, I was more and more amazed when reading about their programme. I liked it much more then all alternatives so I felt lucky. Once I knew it would be possible I began talking to the PGIO and was able to prepare an informed application in Word.

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Boarding Schools

by mommy_jana

I know I will get slammed for this one, but I wanted to get your opinions on boarding schools.
Our daughter is 9 years old and we are considering sending her to Europe for boading school when she is 12. It is a 'middle school/high school' equivalent. She would be completed with the school at the age of 18, and from there she can do whatever her heart desires. They provide full-time board and they come home in the summer and winter breaks.
Has anyone done this or knows about the possible benefits? We have done extensive research but I wanted to see what other people in the Bay Area have to say
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185 Israeli police officers from all the different units are currently visiting the concentration camps in Europe and will also participate in the March of the Living, ahead of Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day), which will be observed on Monday.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves Security in Northern Europe after the collapse of the ..  — Eesti elu
Can we imagine several million Europeans in refugee camps in Europe in 2014? Can we imagine the cost of that for the EU? * In hard times, small countries should not be alone. Luckily, we are not. First of all we are all members of the EU.

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