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Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen is a picturesque city—one of the cleanest and greenest in the world, in fact, and eminently walkable and bikable. In short, a treat to live in. On the University of Copenhagen exchange , Boston University students have the opportunity to enroll directly at one of Europe’s top universities, University of Copenhagen, for a semester or an academic year. This exchange program can be of interest to students in all undergraduate fields, especially political science, history, economics, international relations, psychology, and sociology, among many others.

On the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) exchange, Boston University School of Management students have the opportunity to enroll in CBS, one of the three largest business schools in Northern Europe.


Samuel Johnson famously wrote, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” Would the corollary to that be “When someone is tired of college, he or she should go to London”?

Grenoble, FranceOne of our most popular destinations, London offers a number of exciting programs in what is arguably one of the world’s most incredible cities. Students take classes at BU’s London Academic Center, centrally located in exclusive South Kensington, minutes away from world-class museums, quaint residential areas, great shopping, and some of London’s famous parks.

Housing is in furnished apartments within walking distance of the BU London Academic Center. Flats vary in size (from 2 to 13 occupants), configuration, and style of decoration, but most consist of shared bedrooms, bath/shower room, and a living/dining room with cooking facilities. Telephone and Internet access are provided in each of the apartments. Visit the BU London website.

Brussels Restaurant RowThings to do range from a simple walk to Kensington Gardens or visiting one of London’s museums to travel around the UK to international trips to France, Spain, Switzerland, and more.


A beautiful, vibrant city nestled at the foot of the French Alps, Grenoble is a particularly fine choice if you want an off-the-beaten-path study abroad destination. Whether you pick the science program or the language and liberal arts track, you’ll find Grenoble’s reputation as a warm, welcoming city for students is well deserved.

On all programs, students study at the Université de Grenoble, an institution that dates from the fourteenth century. (Students on our programs rave about the professors.) Even more rewarding is the immersive experience students enjoy with their host families, who provide not only a place to live and hone language skills but a true home away from home.

Paris, France Dresden, Germany Dublin, Ireland Arezzo, Italy
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Where is a nice place to study abroad in Eastern Europe?

I'm already going to study abroad in Western Europe and I wanted to know what Eastern Europe is like.

Rolly, it depends what you want to study in Eastern Europe and in which language?

1. Russia: here the medium of instruction is maximum in all universities is English. Only few programs are in English. No doubts to study in Russia, economically it is very cheap.

2. Ukraine: I personally feel that Ukraine is a better place comparatively Russia, as the people speaks English here in big cities. But still local language or Russian language knowledge is going to help you a lot. Moreover people here are more friendly then Russia.


What is the cheapest most valuable Study Abroad program in Paris, France?

I am looking to study abroad preferably in Paris. What is the cheapest program out there?

Any EXCHANGE program (not just 'study abroad' program). An exchange program means you get to go to the university abroad and pay the same tuition you would at your home university (which if you go to an in-state public school is really cheap in comparison with international student tuition at a European university).

You still need to pay for your flights, travel, room and board, which in Paris will be VERY expensive. There is no way to go over there 'cheaply'. If you are looking for more affordable study abroad options go to a country that has a very low cost of living…

Study Abroad eligibility?

To study abroad, do you have to be enrolled at a college/university in your home country, or can you enroll at a school in a foreign country even if you've already graduated???

I ask, because I'm at a community college, and will be graduating this time next year, and I won't be going straight into a university. Technically, I will be without a school. So, would I still be eligible for a study abroad program?
I am a U.S. citizen wanting to study in another country (Eastern Europe or India).

Hi Dare2Dream,

The programs that I am familiar with require that you are enrolled in an university and they operate one of two ways. One way is the university has an agreement with foreign universities whereby you can study and your credit transfer back to the school. Second way is through a program that takes university students and through their network you can select schools to study. The big advantage of these programs is many of the schools will provide English instruction but you may not get enough financial aid to cover all over your expenses.


Fairy Dust
What are some of the best and safest places to study abroad (outside the US)?

In addition, do you know of any programs that will actually reduce the amount of room and board for these places?

Any other first world country is excellent to study abroad such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, western Europe, and parts of Eastern Europe (e.g. Czech Republic, Poland).

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