Study Abroad programs in Eastern Europe

Study abroad programs evacuate students from Ukraine

h_04At least two study abroad programs are evacuating students from Ukraine as the crisis with Russia over control of the Crimea has intensified.

Eastern European Study Abroad, which said on Thursday that it did not foresee a threat to students currently studying in the city of Kharkiv, are now evacuating students.

On the 3rd March, they issued an updated statement saying that its students would be evacuated within 48 hours. They will continue their coursework online, with ‘a possibility of continuing the semester in Ukraine, if the crisis is resolved peacefully’.

Renee Stillings, the director of the School of Russian and Asian Studies, said that the organization currently has two students in Odessa and that they are in the process of moving them to another location outside Ukraine. This will be the second time the school has been forced to relocate due to the crisis.

‘Odessa is still reasonably quiet, but the whole issue has taken on a much bigger dimension now internationally and as we have seen, Russia’s actions, while perhaps predictable to the Kremlin, are making heads spin in the West, ’ Stillings said.

‘Our students are actually there to study policy and conflict as part of their course. So from an academic standpoint they are in the thick of it.’

A handful of universities still have short-term study abroad programs for Ukraine scheduled for later this spring or summer.

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Where is a nice place to study abroad in Eastern Europe?

I'm already going to study abroad in Western Europe and I wanted to know what Eastern Europe is like.

Rolly, it depends what you want to study in Eastern Europe and in which language?

1. Russia: here the medium of instruction is maximum in all universities is English. Only few programs are in English. No doubts to study in Russia, economically it is very cheap.

2. Ukraine: I personally feel that Ukraine is a better place comparatively Russia, as the people speaks English here in big cities. But still local language or Russian language knowledge is going to help you a lot. Moreover people here are more friendly then Russia.


What is the cheapest most valuable Study Abroad program in Paris, France?

I am looking to study abroad preferably in Paris. What is the cheapest program out there?

Any EXCHANGE program (not just 'study abroad' program). An exchange program means you get to go to the university abroad and pay the same tuition you would at your home university (which if you go to an in-state public school is really cheap in comparison with international student tuition at a European university).

You still need to pay for your flights, travel, room and board, which in Paris will be VERY expensive. There is no way to go over there 'cheaply'. If you are looking for more affordable study abroad options go to a country that has a very low cost of living…

Study Abroad eligibility?

To study abroad, do you have to be enrolled at a college/university in your home country, or can you enroll at a school in a foreign country even if you've already graduated???

I ask, because I'm at a community college, and will be graduating this time next year, and I won't be going straight into a university. Technically, I will be without a school. So, would I still be eligible for a study abroad program?
I am a U.S. citizen wanting to study in another country (Eastern Europe or India).

Hi Dare2Dream,

The programs that I am familiar with require that you are enrolled in an university and they operate one of two ways. One way is the university has an agreement with foreign universities whereby you can study and your credit transfer back to the school. Second way is through a program that takes university students and through their network you can select schools to study. The big advantage of these programs is many of the schools will provide English instruction but you may not get enough financial aid to cover all over your expenses.


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