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Chelsea is a Russian Language and International Studies major from Lafayette, Indiana, who will be beginning her senior year at Indiana University in the fall. Learning languages and traveling are some of her favorite things to do and she is always looking forward to her next adventure. This summer she is teaching English to children at a summer camp in Russia. Why did you decide to study...

Max was born in Kiev, Ukraine, but moved to New York with his family at the age of three. He is currently a junior in the Macaulay Honors program at Brooklyn College. He is majoring in Psychology, with a minor in English, because he does enjoy writing, sometimes. Why did you decide to study abroad with EESA? Fireworks over Eastern Europe Max: I wasn't specifically looking to study in Eastern...

Oxford University Press All This is Your World: Soviet Tourism at Home and Abroad after Stalin (Oxford Studies in Modern European History)
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Your study abroad center at your college, if it's not too late to maybe sign up for a summer program. Even if it is, the people there might be able to point you in the right direction as far as an alternative program, or even just give you some good advice. Many English-teaching positions that actually pay YOU require a year's post, but there are some short-term positions but you generally have to pay for it. I would recommend looking into some volunteer opportunities--performing community service in another country is a fantastic way to get a look into another culture. It will make the whole experience more meaningful

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'Clegg off campus' protest planned  — Cherwell Online
Students are planning on protesting outside of a speech being given by Nick Clegg, on Tuesday. The Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats will be in Oxford to deliver the 2014 European Studies Centre Annual Lecture.

Peter Lang International Academic Publishers Europe's Near Abroad: Promises and Prospects of the EU's Neighbourhood Policy (College of Europe Studies)
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Global Books Ltd Simple Guide to Customs and Etiquette in Hungary (Simple Guides: Customs and Etiquette)
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Ksiegarnia Akademicka L'enseignement des Elites en Europe Centrale: 19-20e siècles [The Education of Elites in Central Europe: 19-20th Centuries]
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Im thinking about going to study abroad for a year in high school:) I would like to go in grade 10!
which of these countries should i go to :


keep in mind that the things i want in a country would be things like :
-nice hot/warm weather
- super friendly people ( this is a big one , i really love meeting new people and value friendships etc)
-decent food (I'm not picky :P )
-Beaches ( it doesn't really matter...)
-super fun amazing rich…

Brazil... because it has all things that you want. That's the country which best fits to your description! Good Luck!

Affordable Study Abroad?

Hi, I am an American high school student looking to study abroad my junior year (next year). I have been doing research but am finding very expensive programs which I am afraid I am not able to pay for. I am looking for either England or Australia to go to. Im wondering if anyone has any good expierenced with any affordable (cheap!) study abroad/exchange student programs. Thanks!

When I studied abroad in Europe, I met 2 American high school students (one in Poland, one of the Czech Republic) who were studying in Europe through Rotary. They both said that they'd chosen the Rotary program because it was extremely cheap. I guess Rotary pays a lot of the expenses, and when you get back you make a presentation to a Rotary Club near your house about what you did overseas. I think your family might also have to host a Rotary student from overseas in their home at some point (either before you leave or while you're abroad or right after you get home), but I'm not…

If i am studying abroad in Paris for a month what are easy weekend trips to take to see Europe?

I am planning on spending next January in Paris. An overnight to Antwerp is planned. I was also hoping to visit a friend in London for a couple days, and I'm sure that is easy enough. Where else can I/should I visit? We may also have a free week for traveling. Maybe italy? i'd love to go to spain but it may be too far and too difficult i know past students have done Amsterdam as well.
I want to go to as many wonderful places as possible, but given the short time frame I don't want to try to hit all of Italy for example. Also, it will be January, so where is the weather…

Anywhere that can be reached by train will be fairly easy. Barcelona, Spain is certainly possible. Other places could be London, Nice, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan. Also a short flight could take you pretty much anywhere in Europe.

How to travel while studying abroad in Europe?

I am trying to plan out which countries I want to see, and as I am coming to realize, there are many. My top priorities are (Keep in mind Ill be studying in Florence for one semester) (also keep in mind that for spring break im planning on Paris/London/Amsterdam, so I wont include them in the list) 1. Venice 2. Barcelona 3. Rome 4. Switzerland 5. Cinque Terre 6. Prague 7. Brussels and 8. A Seville-Granada Gibraltar and hop into Tangier trip. Is it possible to see all of these places while I am abroad or do you think, realistically I should cut it down to 5?

Also, any other…

It's pretty easy to hop on the trains and make weekend trips. Venice, Rome, Switzerland, Cinque Terre will all make nice weekend trips. It takes quite a bit longer to get to Barcelona/Seville and Prague- there are small airlines in Europe that offer cheap flights. You should look into those if you're just doing a weekend because otherwise, you'll spend the whole time on the train. Look into getting a Eurail pass.

Tangier means crossing the Med- again a plane flight, and you should probably take a little longer for that one.

Don't miss out on the smaller…

Should I study abroad in Spain or the UK?

I am thinking of studying abroad as a foreign exchange student
but I have no clue what country to go to
I'd like to go to Spain because I'd like to learn spanish fluently
but I'd also like to go to the UK because it's cloudy and I'm considering moving there, I can just take spanish classes there and work on it and perhaps move to Spain for a few months when I grow older and become more fluent in the language. while in the UK I could learn culture and stuff just like in Spain. I'm not really to sure
I just started thinking about it

tell me what you…

I studied abroad in Spain and would highly recommend it. If you are serious about learning the language, immersion is the only way to go. Don't discount the diversity in Spain either, the north can be cloudy :) Also, flights and travel can be done relatively cheaply once you're in Europe, so take a couple weekend trips to the UK and familiarize yourself.

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