Study Abroad Europe bucket list

A European Bucket List

DSC_0155One of the best parts about living in Copenhagen is that even though it feels like I’m separated from Europe, I’m still super close…which makes traveling elsewhere incredibly easy. I can’t even tell you how amazing it’s been to book flights to place I’ve always wanted to go for less than we paid for a flight to DC (sorry David…Europe is definitely winning this battle). During the two weeks I’ve been here, I’ve booked trips to Berlin (next weekend!), London, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava. Not to mention that I’ll be going to Malmö, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Krakow and Bergen all with DIS and Rome with Bradley (and maybe Sarajevo and Venice with my mom!?). My credit card bill is feeling it a bit, but what better way to spend all my savings then traveling in Europe? The answer is that there isn’t one.

It makes sense to me that if I’m going to have a bucket list for my semester in Copenhagen, I should also have one for my semester in Europe. Much like my other one, it’s not exhaustive by any means but how cool will it be to look at back at a list like this in the future and see everything that I had the chance to do?

DSC_01781. Bathe in a Hungarian Bath

2. Go Paragliding in Switzerland (right, mom!?)

3. Try a REAL Danish (they originated in Vienna of all places, not Denmark. They’re called Wienerbrød which means “Vienna Bread”)

4. Visit the Charles Bridge in Prague

5. Stay in a hostel!

6. Partake in Ice World (7000 sq. meter ice skating rink in Vienna)

7. See the Berlin Wall

8. Finally see Auschwitz

9. Set foot in 10 countries

10. Eat dinner at the Radio Tower in Berlin [too poor]

11. See Big Ben & ride the London Eye

12. Visit Buckingham Palace (and run into Prince Harry)

13. Try traditional food from each country visited

14. Find a pair of oxfords in a market (In Eastern Europe, perhaps?)

15. Explore Ladonia (basically a hippie village in Sweden)

16. Take a Canal tour in Amsterdam

17. Visit the Anne Frank House

18. Visit the Amsterdam Red Light District

19. Platform 9 3/4!! (and maybe the HP museum!)

20. Frolic in the hills of Vienna

21. See the Northern Lights (maybe when I’m in Norway?!)

Sheep Under The Sea - Reverse Culture Shock Written from an Airplane Tray Table.
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FIT and other schools

by futuredesignschools

Like you I have a BS in Fashion Merchandising and am now trying to go back for design. I know that FIT is a great school but they are pretty strict with the portfolio. I can't draw either but if you can come up with a creative way to present your portfolio its worth a shot. Compared to FIDM I think that FIT is a lot better. They have great connections since being right in NYC. Have you looked into schools in Europe? Central St. Martins is one of the top if not the top school in the world for fashion design. I am currently applying to Polimoda in Florence Italy. It is also a great school and worth checking out since it works with FIT for study abroad programs

'Clegg off campus' protest planned  — Cherwell Online
Students are planning on protesting outside of a speech being given by Nick Clegg, on Tuesday. The Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats will be in Oxford to deliver the 2014 European Studies Centre Annual Lecture.

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