Study Abroad Across Europe

Comparative Women's and Gender Studies in Europe

Explore and examine feminist and queer theory while conducting field research across Europe.


Since 1984, on this Fall Semester program (mid-Aug to mid-November) students have explored feminist and queer theory, as well as critical issues facing women and LGBTQ communities across Europe. Students engage in coursework led by the Program Director, who teaches seminars, and organizes guest lectures and site visits with leading European scholars and activists. The program begins at the Network of Interdisciplinary Women’s Studies in Europe (NOISE) Summer School that each year invites scholars and students from throughout Europe to examine in-depth a topic critical to European feminist research. From there, the group embarks on a comparative study of WGS issues in Utrecht, Berlin, Krakow, Prague, and Istanbul (tbd), and each student designs an independent research project on a topic of their interest.

“Tremendous opportunities for meeting a number of really amazing/inspiring intellectuals, artists, activists across Europe.”

- Joshua MacGregor, University of Vermont

Comparative Approach

A significant aim of the WGSE program is to explore Europe in its diversity and cross-culturally. With this goal in mind, the program takes students to several differently situated European nations while underscoring experiences of women and sexual, ethnic, and religious minorities in these respective national communities. Students learn about the struggles of the Roma women in the Czech Republic, the historical and current day experiences of the citizens of Jewish, Afro-German, and Turkish backgrounds in Germany, as well as about the ways in which Islamophobia bears on Muslim populations across Europe. These topics are addressed both through scholarly inquiry and situated empirical experience throughout the semester, framed through our discussions of post-colonial, feminist, and queer theories.

International Child Custody Question

by pifiskar

My story is somewhat complicated, but I could really use some outside advice if you have the time and some experience in this type of case.
I need to start out with some background history so that this all makes sense, before I get to the legal question I have. I'll try to summarize without leaving out important details.
My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 10 years now. We love each other very much and a recent incident tested our resolve. She went away to study in Europe for a year. When she came back she was pregnant with someone elses child whom she met while abroad

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Students are planning on protesting outside of a speech being given by Nick Clegg, on Tuesday. The Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats will be in Oxford to deliver the 2014 European Studies Centre Annual Lecture.

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What to pack for studying abroad in Europe?

I'm studying abroad in Italy this summer, living in Rome, and will be traveling to various European countries. I'm unsure of what clothes to pack. We're told to try to narrow it down to one suitcase....what kind of clothes/shoes would be appropriate for Italy through the months of May- June?

I've heard that in Italy in May it is warm, but not too hot. And it gets hotter as you move into June. The average high in May is 71 degrees F and the average low is 51. In June, the high is averaged at 77, and the low at 61. There are also 8 rainy days in May, and 9 in June, so you might want to pack an umbrella and/or rain boots. (:

As for what to pack....I haven't been to Italy, but I was in England and France in June last year. I packed a lot of shorts and bermudas and only two pairs of pants. I only wore the pants on one day, and it was actually for half a day…

Jessica Lund
What to pack for Europe- Study Abroad?

I'm studying abroad in Copenhagen in May for 6 weeks (I'll be done July 7th) and then I'm traveling around Europe for another 2 weeks (Vienna, Rome, Paris). I have a 34L Deuter pack and I was wondering if I would be able to fit all my stuff in that for the 8 weeks. Or should I pack a suitcase too and just ship it home when I head out traveling. Also, what would you suggest I bring clothes wise. I've been over to Europe before but it was in Southern Europe and in the middle of the summer. So far I have a few quick-drying clothes (shorts, shirt, and jacket). If at all possible, i would…

I think you will be able to fit everything in what you have. If you bring a suitcase and ship it home it will very expensive. Bring enough clothes for a week at most, usually something like 4-5 shirts, 2 shorts, 1 pants, 1 jacket, 7 underwear, 7 socks etc. remember to count the clothes that you are wearing. I'm sure where ever you are staying there will be a laundry machines there or in the area. I have traveled the world for almost a year with little less than this. For entertainment I would only bring an iPod, laptop, and phone that's it no books (they take up room and are too heavy,…

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