Reasons to Study Abroad in Europe

5 Reasons to Stay in Cambridge on the Weekend

Since we’re only here for a semester, a lot of us feel the need to take every opportunity to travel. Because none of us have classes on Friday, every weekend is a three-day one, so many people in the house go away every weekend. This could mean a series of day trips around the UK—Laura and Madalyn stumbled across a carnival last weekend on their spontaneous adventure!—or a trip to continental Europe that lasts from Friday to Sunday—a group went to Berlin a couple weekends ago and Edinburgh before that. Julia and I, on the other hand, have been staying home so far on the weekends. This is partly because we’re on a budget and partly because we didn’t want to activate our Britrail yet (Britrails allow you to travel via train anywhere in the UK for free for a period of two months). Although traveling every weekend obviously has its benefits, I have really enjoyed staying in Cambridge these past few weekends. And because I’m a mediocre writer and don’t like coming up with interesting transitions, I have just compiled into a list my top reasons why it can be great to spend a few weekends in the city where you’re studying abroad.

5. It doesn’t drain your money.I understand that everyone has different budgets and that some people can afford to go away every

weekend without batting an eye. Others, however, need to watch their money a bit more closely, and as glamorous as it sounds to pop into Belgium for the weekend, the cost can pile up, especially because the US dollar here isn’t very strong here. I am definitely not saying that you should never travel on the weekends. Because that’s one of the best reasons to study abroad in Europe: you’re just a 2 hour flight away from dozens of other countries, a luxury we don’t have in the States (that’s something you pick up here, constantly referring to the US as the States. England is so posh). But going away every weekend, especially toward the beginning of your stay, can be tricky. It’s easy to overestimate the amount of money you have, so accidentally overspending during your first month could mean a very tight budget in your last month.

4. You can actually relax. Although we only have classes until 11:45 every day, the afternoon can easily fill up with naps (because you stayed up too late the night before jamming to The Proclaimers with your roommate), grocery shopping, weekly papers due Monday (which no one does until Sunday, or Monday morning if you’re traveling), cleaning, planning your itinerary and booking hostels and activities for your next trip, and other random errands. And as fun and thrilling as traveling is, it is also stressful and exhausting. Sometimes using a Friday to recharge can be very healthy for your mental state. And by recharge, I mean sleep in, watch a movie while eating chocolate and pizza, and taking a walk, during which you may or may not buy more chocolate. Once again, this does not have to be every weekend or even every day of your weekend. But we all know that having a whole day to yourself is usually needed and welcomed with open, chocolate-bearing arms.

_Which_ US schools are the best?

by livn_prosper

No question that some US post secondary institutions are top notch. Though, I wonder how many of the professors or top graduate students are American born.
But, at the other levels our education system lags those of Europe and Japan, and possibly China.
One high school principal I met from Virginia said that he spent 50% of his time on disciplinary matters. Upon switching to the international teaching circuit, and teaching in Budapest, that number declined to zero.
We have a few geniuses here. But, we also have large numbers of people who are borderline illiterate and innumerate

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