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This program is located in Prague, close to tourist sites, shopping, and nightlife. Prague is known for being the city of 100 spires and from your dorm room, exploring Prague's treasures is moments away. Classes will be held at the University of Economics facility, located in the center of Prague.

A typical day would look something like this: class will be held in the morning in a modern classroom facility, followed by lunch and afternoon site visit to Microsoft to listen to a senior level Microsoft manager talk about marketing strategies in Eastern Europe. Your evening may consist of a picnic in the park with you and your friends and their guitars or you might sneak off to the opera for mere pennies. The next day you might be free to explore Prague or join a small group to visit a crystal factory or museum. Some site visits are scheduled, while others will be arranged based upon an individual student's interest.

Courses: For Summer 2014 each student will take the following 2 courses: either Global Marketing, Global Meetings and Exhibitions, Global Leadership or Central European History in the morning and International Business, Jewish Studies or Sports and Event Management in the afternoon. Each class is worth 4 US credit hours (or 7 ECTS credits). All students will participate in the informative Czech language and culture course which is free of charge.

9:00 - 10:00 10:15 - 12:00 AM 12:45 - 2:30 PM
Czech language and culture (free of charge/not for credit) Global Marketing International Services Marketing
Global Meetings and Exhibitions Sports and Event Management *
Global Leadership International Business
Central European History Jewish Studies

* This class requires $45 event fee

The Business courses are designed for college students and recent graduates interested in business, international business, marketing, leadership and entrepreneurship. Class sessions will be followed by afternoon site visits to business and industry. Some site visits are scheduled, while others will be arranged based upon an individual students interest. Faculty and local staff will assist students in arranging visits to companies they are interested in visiting as part of their program, providing a great opportunity for personal networking. We also offer courses in Sport and Event Management and Hospitality.
Oxford University Press Abroad: British Literary Traveling Between the Wars
Book (Oxford University Press)

U.S. Health Care System

by newdemocrat

Can Learn from Europe, Experts Say
By Janet Sassi
The American health care system, which spends more per person than any other industrialized nation but often reaps fewer rewards, should look toward European models for improvement, a panel of experts said at a Graduate School of Social Service forum on March 12.
Speaking at “Changing Health Care 2008: Lessons from Abroad,” panelists compared expenditures and outcomes in Germany, France, the Netherlands and elsewhere to those in the United States. The United States spends more than $6,400 per person annually—16 percent of its gross domestic product—on health care

Lone voice of dissent?

by October_NYCBride

I don't know, I come at this from a very different perspective. I've done a good deal of research in Europe (am a European historian), for months at a time. Sometimes my now husband has been there for a period, sometimes not. I would say that if you have/had plans for study abroad, I would suggest still going alone. At least for me, my time abroad has been so important and formative for my relationships, because when I'm away by myself, sure, it can get lonely, but that's where I have time to consider my life, my goals, my interests, my relationships. I always come back to my relationships a stronger, more grounded person, filled with new experiences and a stronger sense of self

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'Clegg off campus' protest planned  — Cherwell Online
Students are planning on protesting outside of a speech being given by Nick Clegg, on Tuesday. The Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats will be in Oxford to deliver the 2014 European Studies Centre Annual Lecture.

Routledge Mussolini's Propaganda Abroad: Subversion in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, 1935-1940 (Studies in Intelligence)
Book (Routledge)
  • Used Book in Good Condition
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a world of my own
Which is the best city in Europe to study abroad?

I am a college freshman and I plan on studying abroad for my junior year. For as long as I can remember it had always without any doubt been London the city in which I would study. I love Arsenal, British accents, and there is something about London that is very intriguing. But I have heard that London is full of tourists and immigrants and not very British anymore. So now I have many options. I want a city that is fun, exciting, friendly, and authentic. The less tourists and foreigners the better. I would love anywhere in Italy, Spain or even France.

Choosing a new city to study in requires a lot of thought and research but to choose a place based on the number of 'foreigners'/tourists is a little ironic considering you yourself will be an immigrant when you study abroad!

Besides, the high number of non-UK people living in London is a positive not a negative. Studying with people from across the world will give you a different perspective on life, your studies and other cultures. Plus many of students here make good friends with students from other countries - giving them a free place to sleep during the holidays when…

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