Cheap Study Abroad in Europe

14 things you didn’t expect when studying abroad in Europe

1. That you need to fit an entire semester of clothing into two suitcases

2. Ending up buying new clothes anyways to fit in more

3. Finding out that you still have to study

4. And learn to cook your own meals

5. And also go grocery shopping

6. Finding out that wine is cheaper than soda

7. Chinese Food tastes completely different than it does in America

8. Realizing your money goes quicker when paying in Euros

9. And then learning the art of asking Mom and Dad to add more money to your bank account

10. It’s actually easier to make friends than you thought it would be

11. Bars never close

12. Everyone wears black

13. Crepes are the most amazing thing you’ll ever eat & it is ok to put nutella on everything


Study Abroad Just Got cheap

by eduzone

I am Xavier Pereira , A Engineering graduate from an International Univerity in Thailand,
You all must be thinking why should u choose thailand for Higher Education..
I am here to give you guys a easy way out to Fullfulling ur Study Abroad Dreams at a Very low price
Thailand has many reputable international Universities which are waiting for students from India due to our Mental adnd intellectual abilities
Dont worry if u dreamed about going to US or UK
Coming to thailnd is One step towards US/Uk or many other univerity in Europe ... even to South America

As harsh as you make it sound, you're right

by traveling_chick

The trip was one big tourist trap and every venue/restaurant and entertainment spot was filled with tourists - a lot from the same company. It was a budget tour, furthermore, so it we went to all the cheap places that had awful food and again filled with tourists. But it's what I chose for my first trip to Europe (well, my first was study abroad 20 years ago). 7 countries in 12 days. I was too lazy to research anything before I went too, knowing the tour oompany had pre-arranged everything for me.

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