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How to Travel in Europe on a Student Budget

The cheapest of these are Easyjet and Ryanair, where the lowest rate for one ticket may be just €17.

However, if using budget airlines, make sure you know exactly what you’ve paid for and what all the requirements are – otherwise you may have to pay unexpected extra fees. It might be worth knowing that Ryanair, for instance, requires online check-in. If you have carry-on luggage, every airline in the airport has their stands to check if your bag fits their standards. If your cabin bag is judged too large, you will have to pay around €50.

In my personal experience, I’ve found that Vueling and Easyjet work more professionally and offer better service. I’ve flown four times with Ryanair and every time something went wrong. In one example, we had to stand outside while waiting for boarding when the weather was cold. And overall, flying with Ryanair left me with more negative memories than neutral, especially when they made me pay for a cabin bag that suited their bag check desk… so from now on I’ll probably be choosing Vueling or Easyjet if I can.

Use technology to help you

Almost all budget airlines have made it more convenient for clients to check the available seats and the costs by creating downloadable apps for tablets and smartphones. In addition to using the apps created by the companies themselves, those on a student budget should also make use of comparison websites and apps to compare prices across all the possible options. Sometimes prices can range quite a lot, so that extra 15 minutes spent checking may save you enough for your next ticket.

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How to find best Masters in Public Policy...

by alitravels

Programs? Where would I find the best resource to research this? Also, anyone have educated opinions on the pro's and con's of getting a Masters degree through the London School of Economics (which is only one year long!) versus obtaining it through a U.S. university? And finally, anyone know of other reputable English-taught MPP programs in Europe (say, Holland?) thanks for answers to any of my q's!!

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What are some good art schools in europe?

I am interested in studying architecture in Europe. I only speak English and a fair amount of Spanish, so the school will need to have courses taught in English and be well suited to accommodate international students.
Next summer I will be in Paris, London, and a couple cities in Italy so I might get the chance to do some college visits while I'm there.
Thanks in advance.

I can help you by telling you that the only schools in Europe that teach architecture in English are in the UK and Ireland and that before choosing a school, you should check its acceptability with the board that licenses architects in the state where you want to practice. BTW, there are almost no jobs for architects in the US and few are expected by the time you would graduate. I do not know the European job market, but I can tell you that except by marriage it is very difficult to get government permission to live and work in Europe.

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