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Music on Summer Tuesdays

Music on Summer Tuesdays at Benslow Music

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Summer is a great time to listen to music. That’s why so many of the world’s top music festivals happen at that time of the year. And Benslow Music in Hitchin has joined the club. Each Tuesday evening, from 16 July to 20 August (but with the exception of 23 July) music lovers can enjoy the delights of Benslow Music’s beautiful gardens, lush lawns and well-stocked bar and take in a concert given by a plethora of world-class classical musicians.

The festival opens with The Rose Consort of Viols and mezzo Clare Wilkinson performing a gorgeous programme of Elizabethan and Jacobean musicm composed by John Dowland, Orlando Gibbons and William Byrd. Then a fortnight later a stellar array of chamber musicians – violinist Darragh Morgan, viola player Martin Outram, cellist Wiliam Bruce and harpist Danielle Perrett – give a varied programme which includes Mozart’s great G minor Piano Quartet.

The folowing week flautist Philippa Davies of the Nash Ensemble and pianist Jan Willem Nelleke play virtuoso flute and piccolo music, and on 13 August soprano Sarah Leonard and pianist Stephen Gutman pay homage to Benjamin Britten, born 100 years ago, with songs by him and by Schubert. Lastly, the baroque flautist Stephen Preston and harpsichordist Julian Perkins perform a programme centred around the music of Bach and including his French Suites.

Says Stephen Pettitt, Benslow Music’s Director of Music: “It’s always a great joy to put on our special summer events, and I’m delighted that these concerts have quickly become something of an institution. Audiences from town are able to mix freely with the people who come to Benslow Music for short residential music courses, and the atmosphere represents, for me, all that’s best about the British summer.”

All concerts start at 8 pm, with the bar opening at 7.30 pm. Tickets are bookable in advance from Benslow Music by telephone (46, 9 – 5 Mondays to Friday)) or from Hitchin Initiative in person and cost £12. A limited number of combined supper/concert deals are available at £25 per concert (available from Benslow Music only). Concert admission for all full time students is free, but advance booking is advisable. Benslow Music is situated in Benslow Lane, Hitchin, a short stroll from Hitchin Town Centre or a 5-minute walk from Hitchin Station, and there is ample free parking.

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I agree 100% kunstler45.

by _--__

Rejecting FAA due to these inherent problems cheats the really intelligent student/artist out of the experience of studying along side a group of likeminded painters who come from every corner of the globe. And, of course, the incalcuable benefits of having lived in Florence and breathed in the art that is as prevelent as the air there. You come out so much wiser. The trick is only to retain an open mind and not lose that great creative vision that very often is strongest in our youth. If you can lend yourself to what they have to offer, commune with the painters and students who are studying at the other ateliers and still retain your "self" there's nothing like it

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Short hill new jersey?

My parents want to move to short hills new jersey. is it nice there? are the people nice or just stuck up and rich? what are the nice neighborhoods? how about the schools. anyone know anything about short hills? i am moving from monmouth county

Its very expensive, very rich, and stuck up. Area is really nice though. You can get a lot more for your money in the surrounding towns without giving up anything. Chatham, Madison, Summit are all good and a lot less expensive.

What are european stonehenges?

Writing an essay about the relationship of astronomy and stonehenges in Europe (a specific one) need help asap.
I meant what are some good examples of the connections between astronomy and stonehenges. Long essay and I need A LOT of help.

In the European prehistoric period 4000BC-1500BC when most of the 'henges' and 'standing stones' etc. were built. Europe had learned agriculture and was in the new stone age (neolithic) and copper age and lastly the Bronze age (after 2000).
In the period 4000-2000BC a culture of some sort existed along the west coasts of Europe from Spain through the British Isles. They made henges, wove cloth, traveled along the coasts, built monuments/ markers in stone, and were big agriculturists/ farmers.
One function of the henges has been found to be that they could tell the times…

AP US History summer assignment?

I'm supposed to do an outline on 6 chapters? what the hell am i supposed to do. how do i do an outline??

Outlines are like notes, but shorter. To make one:
-First, find all the major topics; i.e., European Contact, Southern Colonies, Revolutionary War, etc.

-Second, if you're low on time look for a summary of your textbook chapters, if you don't have one try this: after reading put general ideas, important dates (like 1492), and major figures(like Cpt. John Smith) in the outline

-Fourth, Don't stray from you work, it only gets worse as time goes by

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