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Start the Season with a Mini Tour of Europe – 5 Courses in 7 Days

Golf-Club-GenevaWhat better way to begin 2013 than with a mini golf tour of Europe? We understand that a golf tour can be taxing, so we’ve kept the itinerary down to just 7 days and 5 golf courses. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’ll shun variety – you’ll play in three different countries, visit some of Europe’s finest cities, and play in Europe’s best golf courses:

Start your golf tour in one of Switzerland’s finest golf courses in the beautiful city of Geneva. The forty year old 18-hole course was designed by Robert Trent Jones and overlooks the stunning Lake Geneva. Its tree lined fairways and greens have captivated many, making it one of Europe’s best courses. That it’s located just half an hour from the airport.

From Geneva, head south to Mallemort to enjoy a game of golf on the spectacular Pont Royal golf course in the Aix-en-Provence on French Riviera. A little over 400km away from Geneva, it’s the perfect place to kick-start the French phase of your golf tour. The Pont Royal golf course enjoys stunning views of the many rolling hills, farmlands, and streams of French Riviera. The golfing is equally exciting with an 18-hole course designed by celebrated Spanish golfer, Severiano Ballesteros.

Domain-Imperial-GlandFor the next leg of our golf tour, it’s time to head north to one of France’s most celebrated golf courses. Ranked no. 18 on Golf Digest’s “100 Best Golf Courses Outside the US” list, G. de Morfontaine is located in the outskirts of Paris (46km) and is a spectacular 27-hole course spread over several hundred acres. The beautiful woods of Parc Naturell regional Orse-Pays provide plenty of scenery and the golfing is equally amazing.

After wrapping up business in France, it’s time to head over to one of Germany’s leading golf courses tucked away in the tiny town of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. You’ll have to fly into Cologne, which is just 55km away from the town. It might be a little out of the way, but the gorgeous views of the Ahr valley and Eifel hills more than make up for the extra effort. Of course, the golfing is equally up to the mark, with an 18-hole course and another shorter 9-hole course.

Let’s finish off our golf tour right from where we started – near the beautiful Lake Geneva. Domaine Imperial is the spiritual home of golfing in Switzerland. Designed by Peye Dye, it opened to the public in 1987 and has featured in virtually every top 10 list of golf courses in Europe since. The course itself is just a short drive away from the Geneva airport, so you can swing right in from your Cologne flight and start playing!

Higher income

by MrsSassyKorean

We have higher incomes based on pooling our money together to help one another just like the West Indians, Africans and East Indians. We value a college education like these same groups. This is nothing extraordinary. We help one another when it comes to starting a business. We stick together. This is why Koreans have a hold on the wig/hair weave industry. I am not proud of that aspect of our culture anymore than the high rate of alcoholism.
I do not think what is of God should be grossly distorted or deformed to appease an European beauty aesthetic. So Koreans profiting on the demeaning culture of black women wearing fake hair instead of loving and cherishing their own God blessed hair is not moral

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The Algarve has some of the best and most popular golf courses in Europe, but they need a huge amount of water to stay in tip-top shape.

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Short hill new jersey?

My parents want to move to short hills new jersey. is it nice there? are the people nice or just stuck up and rich? what are the nice neighborhoods? how about the schools. anyone know anything about short hills? i am moving from monmouth county

Its very expensive, very rich, and stuck up. Area is really nice though. You can get a lot more for your money in the surrounding towns without giving up anything. Chatham, Madison, Summit are all good and a lot less expensive.

What are european stonehenges?

Writing an essay about the relationship of astronomy and stonehenges in Europe (a specific one) need help asap.
I meant what are some good examples of the connections between astronomy and stonehenges. Long essay and I need A LOT of help.

In the European prehistoric period 4000BC-1500BC when most of the 'henges' and 'standing stones' etc. were built. Europe had learned agriculture and was in the new stone age (neolithic) and copper age and lastly the Bronze age (after 2000).
In the period 4000-2000BC a culture of some sort existed along the west coasts of Europe from Spain through the British Isles. They made henges, wove cloth, traveled along the coasts, built monuments/ markers in stone, and were big agriculturists/ farmers.
One function of the henges has been found to be that they could tell the times…

AP US History summer assignment?

I'm supposed to do an outline on 6 chapters? what the hell am i supposed to do. how do i do an outline??

Outlines are like notes, but shorter. To make one:
-First, find all the major topics; i.e., European Contact, Southern Colonies, Revolutionary War, etc.

-Second, if you're low on time look for a summary of your textbook chapters, if you don't have one try this: after reading put general ideas, important dates (like 1492), and major figures(like Cpt. John Smith) in the outline

-Fourth, Don't stray from you work, it only gets worse as time goes by

Doing a short driving course in the UK?

I'm currently living abroad, and to get a driving licence over here at age 17, you need to have an existing driving licence from a European country. So, since I am from the UK, I want to take a short driving course this summer, preferably lasting a week or two, so that I can get a full UK licence to bring back here to get transferred.
I have been searching and come across only one site where this would be possible, so I'd appreciate some links or information. Also, I've heard that you can't book your lessons until after you pass your theory test, and these are often…

You have to be 17 in the UK to apply for a provisional driving licence.
Once you have a provisional licence you can book and take the theory test.
As soon as you have a certificate of passing the theory test you can apply to take the practical test.
You can take driving lessons as soon as you have a provisional driving licence - you don't need to take the theory terst first.
Unfortunately I don't think there is any way to shortcut the waiting lists for tests.
Both the theory and practical driving tests are quite tough. In particular, the practical test…

Jacklyn B
Has anyone been on a european teen tour?

I always wanted to go on a trip to European teen tour, but i was wondering if its any fun, or a waste of money?
if you have been on one what do you think about it, and what organization did you use?
i gotten invite from people to people, but it didn't seem like it would be a culture experience more like a education one.
also which country do you recommend to go to?
please help me with this
anyone who answers first i'll promise to pick you answer as best choice


Ok so i actually went the summer before my sophomore year(now i'm a junior), my trip was similar to the one that you are looking into, only i went to france italy and greece.

The trip was $5499 for me and it was a twenty-one day trip.
Three of those days were spent with a family in france with two other members of my delegation(although the country in which that happens varies). And Italy was the most amazing place ever, When in venice, we went on a gondola ride and we went on a scavenger hunt in rome. And OH MY GOSH we went…

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