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Logo of Arts University BournemouthArts University Bournemouth:
Experience life as an architecture student in the UK and earn credit towards your university degree! Arts University Bournemouth (AB) provides short study abroad / semester programs for international students who would like to spend one term, one semester or a full academic year studying arts in the UK. This is an ideal solution if you want to spend time abroad while developing your creative skills, but do not necessarily want to spend 2-3 years in another country. AUB is a leading university that specialises in arts, performance, design, and media education, situated less than two hours from London, between Bournemouth and Poole in Dorset on the South Coast of England.


Architecture Study Abroad / Semester Programs:
AUB offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) degree in Architecture, and international students can join our full-time degree students for one term, two terms, or three terms.

Photo of Contact Page - Architecture Courses in Bournemouth, UKOur architecture degree course provides a vital introduction to the architectural profession. You will be fully integrated with the existing degree students and will benefit from the full range of resources available.

Study abroad courses start in September and January each year and coincide with the academic timetable. When you apply for a short study abroad / semester program, our course leaders will work with you and your tutors to decide on the best year to join the programme, usually either in year one or year two. You must also submit a portfolio when you apply.

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Higher income

by MrsSassyKorean

We have higher incomes based on pooling our money together to help one another just like the West Indians, Africans and East Indians. We value a college education like these same groups. This is nothing extraordinary. We help one another when it comes to starting a business. We stick together. This is why Koreans have a hold on the wig/hair weave industry. I am not proud of that aspect of our culture anymore than the high rate of alcoholism.
I do not think what is of God should be grossly distorted or deformed to appease an European beauty aesthetic. So Koreans profiting on the demeaning culture of black women wearing fake hair instead of loving and cherishing their own God blessed hair is not moral

Algarve golf courses' growing thirst  — BBC News
The Algarve has some of the best and most popular golf courses in Europe, but they need a huge amount of water to stay in tip-top shape.

Huddersfield Examiner Overseas Golf Challenge set for Turkey  — Huddersfield Examiner
Four of its courses have made the Top 100 Courses in Europe list.


Night Owl
Is traveling to Europe mainly for history buffs?

Is traveling to Europe mainly for history buffs? How about those that are NOT into history?

NO! I am NOT a history buff at all, and have been three times totally enjoying it every time. We go to all of the "usual" places, and sure there is some history involved. I listen to a bit of it, but I look at the beauty, the architecture, and the people! We also love to check out the places to eat, the food, and what makes that place so special. For example: we went to Salzburg, which is famous for Mozart. I am not into music/history, but we went to the salt mine outside of Salzburg and had a blast! We learned a little bit about the importance of salt in all of history, and…

Monica H
Where to go on a short europe trip on my own?

I am planning to take a 3 day trip end of october, only catch is i will be going on my own! can anyone suggest a destination in south Europe that is both fun and interesting with lots of stuff to do so i wont get bored too quicly, and of course friendly people. I like the beach+city factor (barcelona would be ideal but ive visited there before)i also appreciate museums and architecture.
any suggestions would be really appreciated!!

You can't go to the beach in Europe at the end of October...even if you happen to catch good weather (it can be unpredictable at that time) then the water will probably be too cold. Seriously, if you wanted to swim you should have gone during the Summer.

If you really want to go swimming anyway, I'd recommend Athens or Istanbul. Maybe you'll be in luck and you'll catch good enough weather to swim (though I doubt that) and if not, you won't get bored because the cities themselves are so full of sights, as well as good food and amazing architecture.

If you…

Alexa Catrina
Have you been to Europe? Anything to say about the place?

What tips or ideas can you share to make a trip more exciting?

If you are planning to visit Europe then you must stay at least a couple of days in one of its largest cities, Paris; over the years it has become one of the most visited cities in the world. For most people visiting Paris, a short stay is often the way they first see the city; with a great deal to see and do that really a week is needed.

This city is also equally well known for its gothic architecture and markets; the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre must not go unmentioned. Traveling through the city of Paris can be very enjoyable; the Metro underground…

Eastern Europe for 2 weeks. Any suggestions on where to go?

The trip is as follows: Latvia-> Lithuania-> Belarus-> Ukraine ->Moldova -> Romania ->Bulgaria.

Is it realistic in 15/16 days?

Any suggestions on itinery and unmissable steps along the way ?

Any countries included above not really worth going to? What's you fav east europe place and worst one?


I would certainly go to Kiev,and visit either the carpathian area of Ukraine,or mayb the crimean area.
Latvia possibly also
it is not realistic to visit all countries in 15/16 days as you will not get chance to see everywhere

Where to go to in europe for travelling extension?

Im heading to rome for a company trip. Will be doing extension to travel to other parts of europe. Which places to recommend for a 3-4 days budget travel?
Thanks. Do you think S$1k is enough for a 4days travelling around western europe?
Well, cause my company trip to rome is 5 days itself already. Which is why the extension is to travel to other places.

Why don't you just stay in Italy? You'd easily enjoy Rome in 4 days... why kill yourself with all the rushing around?

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