Criminology Masters Program in European

Criminology Program units announced

Video: Units, requirements, and the application process

Watch our video presentation by Sam Goode, covering information such as unit availability, entry requirements, …

Prato tagline competition – WIN a trip to Prato!

WIN A TRIP TO PRATO! (Competition now closed.) Congratualtions to the winner, Lauren Cahill! In…

Monash Passport unit – Summer Semester 2013/2014

Global connections: Understanding cultural literacy Monash Passport ‘Depth’ unit Summer Semester B 2014: 17 February…

Explore Gallipoli, Retrace the Western Front, Arrive in Paris and win a $3, 500 Prize

Thinking of studying overseas as part of your Arts Degree? Want to walk Gallipoli’s shore as we approach the Centenary of the Landing? Australian Studies can take you to Anzac Cove, Istanbul and the historic hills of Tuscany in 2013.

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High school AP courses are often meaningless

by physicist_here

In the US, it doesnt really matter whether you take advanced courses in high school. i didnt take physics in hs and ended up getting a phd the field. if you want to go to college and be a scientist in the US, you only need to learn algebra, geometry and trig in hs. You can learn calc and physics in college.
In europe its different. you cant screw up in hs and study physics in college. Generally hs students in europe study harder than those in the us, but the us kids catch up in college.
as a professional i work with american and european scientists and i dont notice that the europeans perform any better

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