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EGD course feature in top 100 Golf Courses in Continental Europe

Lists of the World’s top golf courses always sparks lively debate in EGD towers whenever they are published. No one ever agrees with the actual rankings and mock indignation is often expressed at the inclusion of some courses at the expense of others. If our own golf courses fail to make ‘the list’ then we decry the inability of the selection panel to understand the obvious superiority of the design and we criticise the whole concept of trying to compare one course against another. On the other hand when courses by European Golf Design are included then we congratulate the panel members on their fine judgement and impeccable ability to understand the intricacies of great golf course architecture!

So, in the past week, we’ve had nothing but praise for those fine fellows at Golf World magazine following the publication of their biennial list of the Top 100 Golf Courses in Continental Europe. And the reason? It’s because there are no fewer than six courses within the rankings which we’ve been involved with. Five of our Courses (Stadium Course at PGA Catalunya designed in association with Neil Coles and Angel Gallardo, The Faldo Course at Sporting Club Berlin designed with Nick Faldo, The Sultan at Antalya Golf Club, Navarino Dunes with Bernhard Langer and Linna Golf) all made the list in 2011 and for 2013 they are joined by a brand new course in The Netherlands called The Dutch. The Dutch is another of the courses we have designed with Colin Montgomerie, who (with our assistance) is building a fine portfolio of work across Europe. Two of Colin’s courses are on the European Tour schedule for this year and The Dutch is already marked down to stage the Dutch Open for three years from 2016.

In addition to the top 100 courses a further five of our courses are included in Golf World’s list of the next 100. These include Lighthouse GC designed with Ian Woosnam, the newly renovated Evian Golf Club, the recently opened Zavidovo PGA National Russia, The Montgomerie Maxx and The Pasha at Antalya GC. Impressively that makes eleven courses by European Golf Design and our partners in the top 200 in Europe.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of these courses is their geographical spread, located as they are in The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, France, Russia and Finland, confirming our reputation for building high quality golf courses in different styles and in many different regions of the world.

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High school AP courses are often meaningless

by physicist_here

In the US, it doesnt really matter whether you take advanced courses in high school. i didnt take physics in hs and ended up getting a phd the field. if you want to go to college and be a scientist in the US, you only need to learn algebra, geometry and trig in hs. You can learn calc and physics in college.
In europe its different. you cant screw up in hs and study physics in college. Generally hs students in europe study harder than those in the us, but the us kids catch up in college.
as a professional i work with american and european scientists and i dont notice that the europeans perform any better

Algarve golf courses' growing thirst  — BBC News
The Algarve has some of the best and most popular golf courses in Europe, but they need a huge amount of water to stay in tip-top shape.

Huddersfield Examiner Overseas Golf Challenge set for Turkey  — Huddersfield Examiner
Four of its courses have made the Top 100 Courses in Europe list.

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Tourism in Europe...?

I love to see the different places in Europe and i have listened that if you are in one country of Europe then you can visit other countries as well without any visa and passport and you can visit them just having tickets of trains.There are approximately 52 countries in Europe...Can a person visit all of them of just selected one....?
Because i am planning to do Master degree from one of the European country and then i can plan to see Europe in my weekends.
Can any body answer my questions and also other suggestions will be appreciated...Thanks a lot...

First of all, 'Europe' is not the same as the 'European Union', or EU. Not every European country is an EU member state - for example, Switzerland is not part of the EU and to my knowledge is not planning on joining.

Therefore, if any EU national wishes to stay in Switzerland - for example - for an extended period of time, including study, they would need to look into what is required for this. Many non-EU European countries have certain agreements with neighbouring EU member states with regard to work and study (for practical reasons), but they might not have such…

I would like to move to Germany when i am older and i dont want to visit i want to become a permanet resident?

Is it gonna be difficult for me to obtain a job and will my American drivers license work or will i need to get a german one and if i can become a legal resident is there a way to renounce my being an american and purely be a German if i could have a specific job in Germany i would like to be a truck driver

Entering the Schengen countries (the core of the European Union) for anything other than tourism is difficult for non-EU nationals.
Basically the only way to get a work permit is for a local employer to prove that he cannot source an employee locally and needs to import labour from outside. That's not as impossible as it sounds, but in practice it means that you need to be highly qualified (see the HowtoGermany pages).
But there is another easier way: study there. Student visas are simple to procure - if you can prove you are enrolled at a German Higher Education…

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