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British students are going abroad for their master's

Going abroad for your master’s degree ?

Written By: EuprioNic - Dec• 21•12

George Leech is part a new trend of British graduates going abroad for their master’s degrees.

For years, British students had a well-earned reputation for being the ‘stay-at-home’ types, rarely moving outside the country for their higher education in sharp contrast to the hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals attending UK universities.

Now a combination of factors, including the rising cost of home university tuition fees and an amazing increase in the number and range of master’s degrees taught wholly in English in many European countries is attracting the attention of more and more British students. There are 700 in Sweden alone!

No tuition fees

Be prepared for a bit of snow in SwedenWith increased marketing by European universities – and no tuition fees at all for British and other European Union citizens in the Nordic countries like Norway and Sweden – it is hardly surprising that hard-pressed UK students are weighing up their options.

Take 22-year-old George, from Lancaster. He had already spent a year at Reims in France as part of a European Erasmus exchange while studying History at Leicester University and enjoyed living and studying in another country.

Now, he’s on the move again and has just completed the first semester of a two-year master’s degree in International and European Relations at Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden.

Travelling abroad to study in Europe has never been easierStill a minority

But he’s still part of a tiny minority. For while international students make up 12% of the total studying at UK universities, only 1% of British students venture abroad for their degrees. Recent figures from UNESCO for 2010 show that while 23, 039 UK students were studying full-time abroad, 389, 558 foreign students were studying in the UK.

So what motivates people like George? Are they simply trying to escape tuition fees?

It wouldn’t be surprising if they were! The cost of a British master’s degree is rising following the huge hike in undergraduate fees this year. And, while first degree students can take advantage of low-interest loans and deferred payment, postgraduates must pay as they study fuelling fears that many will abandon plans to do a master’s altogether.


George admits fees was part of the reason he picked Linköping for his master’s.

“In Sweden all university education is free for all European Union citizens – and that includes us British!

“But there were other factors. I wanted to study international relations and when I ‘googled’ it – up came Linköping University.

“I preferred to go abroad if possible and narrowed down my choices to LiU and Wroclaw University in Poland and visited them both.

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It seems to me (in america at least) that biotech is only offered in grad school masters programs, not undergrad

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